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Landy's school of Chimney Repairs

A good basic knowledge creates security for the contractor and creates the conditions for a better profitibility.


Once a year we conduct courses on chimney reparis. A three-day training module contains both theoretical and practical elements. The practical part is the emphasis on glidecasting.

The purpose is to provide greater knowledge of applicable regulations and practical tips. The course is addressed to all those who work or plan to work professionally with chimney repairs.

The number of participants at each session is maximized to 20. We expect that the 20 seats will be filled, so if you are interested, please submit your expression of interest by filling out the form below or fax.

The next course takes place spring 2017!


To all who submit an expression of interest, we will send a registration form and information in very good time. Your seat will be reserved in the order we receive notifications. 



Expression of interest

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